Jews, Parsis & Kashmiri Pandits: An Insight by EurAsian Times

Srinagar / EurAsian Times

The Parsis are believed to be descends of Zoroastrian Community from Greater Iran  who were compelled to relocate towards Asia to evade Muslim brutalities. The harassment  and persecution started as sparse outbreak of violence, which eventually led to mass murders and forced conversion.

Zoroastrian temples were burned, shrines were pulverized, and Mosques were constructed on the sites. Over the period, persecution of Zoroastrian community became widespread and quantity of adherents diminished dramatically. Toward the start of the tenth century Zoroastrians started leaving Iran, and gradually emigrated towards South Asia, living mainly in Sindh and Gujrat. The Parsis never surrendered their way of life, even though they had to abandon their homeland. Parsis, despite almost being an extinct community, are the wealthiest community in India with notable ones being members of Tata and Wadia’s.

The persecution of Jews has been widely read and filmed. From Adolf Hitlers gas chambers, to slaughter of Jews in pretty much all of Europe including France, Germany, and Russia. Jews were blamed for murdering of Jesus Christ, which stared Christians – Jews animosity.

The Land of Israel was initially Jewish until the third century. Israel turned to be mainly Christian after the third century, and eventually came under Muslim influence from the seventh century onwards. Now again, israel is back to its original inhabitants, the Jews, even though there is continued violence against the Arabs.

Israel found a strong ally in the United States and despite a historical precaution and Jews have evolved very strongly and created a Homeland in the form of Israel. The Jews are the most prosperous community in the United States and hold very strong influence over policies of US government in various sectors including defence, finance and foreign policy.

The Kashmiri Pandits constituted around 15% of the total population of Kashmir during Dogra reign up-till 1947. It is believed that around 20% of the population exiled during the 1948 riots Muslim mobs and by the end of 1981, there were only about 5% the Kashmiri Pandit living in the valley of Kashmir.

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