Coke To Launch Super Milk – Fairlife: EurAsian Times

Washington / EurAsian Times

At the point when Coke attempted to get into mineral water segment, it was dogged out for offering standard stream water. Presently the Coke Management has got a vision for promoting Milk business. They claim instead of simply rebranding the milk, they plan to add high degree of proteins, calciums, and essential nutrients, and could be sold twice the price.

Fairlife will be launched in North America shortly, it will be more nutritious & healthy with sufficient amount of organic protein and calcium. Promotions have been going very astutely and new drink is destined to reshape the image of milk in the consumer market, said the spokesman for the organization. We are fundamentally trying to make the Milk product very premium, and it may cost twice the cost of standard milk that we get from stores.

However it is an absolute certain that the milk be much tastier and healtthier than the standard milk, and hence more alluring to people. Much of milk in the USA is made dubious dairies where up to 20,000 cows are kept inside throughout the entire year. However in this case, the milk will only come from specially selected family managed homesteads, where the milk will be of highest possible standard and quality.



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